No “one size fits all”

The app was designed to break with one common practice : the “one size fits all” tour. We strive to give the user an experience as close to a private personal guide as possible.

The app works best when users are inside Old Quebec, and have a cellular connection. This connection allows the app to follow as you walk around Old Quebec, and adjust directions accordingly.

Please note that using the app may generate cellular fees, depending on your package. Trails of Old Quebec is not responsible for any fee related to the use of the app.

Without a connection

For users without a cellular connection or for those who prefer to limit their usage, they can still use the app. You would need to connect to a WiFi, choose a tour, and download its content from that connection. Later, you will have to follow the downloaded directions carefully, as the app will not be able to adjust if you take a wrong turn, for example.

Your comments are important

Trails of Old Quebec was released in July 2015. Although the app was created by a team of dedicated and passionnate people, we do not pretend to have all the answers. That is why your comments are important to us, as customer experience is our first criterion.

We invite you to write us a comment about your experience at :